Period pieces have a unique ability to transport audiences to another time and to show them that people then were just as messed up as they are now (if not more so). "Pride and Prejudice" is one such story, but there are other period movies, both literary and otherwise, that have the same kind of feeling to them. Here are five of them, as compiled by the Center for High-Brow Excellence In Films.

"Jane Eyre". The novel by Charlotte Bronte was most recently adapted for the screen starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. The plot is more gothic and mysterious than that of "Pride and Prejudice". but much of the emotional content and period detail seems familiar. Also, they're both books that you may have had to read in high school.

"A Dangerous Method". Also starring Michael Fassbender as Dr. Carl Jung, David Cronenberg's period drama is about Jung's affair with one of his first patients and the effects it has on his relationships, including the one with mentor Dr. Sigmund Freud. This isn't the placid romance you might be expecting, though; there's lots of kinky sex, including at least one spanking scene.

"The Age of Innocence". Martin Scorsese is known more for his gangster movies than his period romances, but many of his fans consider this one of his best movies. Based on the 1920 novel, it tells the story of two people (Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer) who love each other but can never be together due to their respective circumstances. It plays out as tragically and depressingly as you might imagine.

"Dragonwyck". This is a gothic romance in the "Jane Eyre" vein, with the added bonus of a performance from Vincent Price. You like Vincent Price, right? Everybody does. And this doesn't just have Vincent Price, but Vincent Price strung out on drugs. The plot has all the gothic intrigue, doomed romance, insane hidden relatives, and flickering candlesticks you could possibly be hoping for, so enjoy.