‘Ferris Bueller’ And 9 Memorable Movie Parody Commercials

Monday, January 30 by

National Lampoon’s Vacation – HomeAway.com

Something called HomeAway hired Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo to reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswald. This new adventure saw them checking into a terrible hotel. That’s so Griswald.

Early footage of this spot lead many to believe that there was a new Vacation film in the works. Please no.

Tommy Boy – DirecTV

DirecTV only succeeded in bumming everyone out with this remixed footage from Tommy Boy. In it, David Spade expounds about DirecTV’s many great features while a posthumous Chris Farley drones on in a loop about the ratio of coat to his body. Many felt the spot was in poor taste, but it was made with the consent of the Farley family. That point doesn’t absolve it from being just plain weird.

Star Wars – Diet Pepsi

That Yoda guy from Star Wars appears in this Diet Pepsi ad to show off his Jedi skills. While seated at a diner where the waitresses apparently take foreverrrrr, Yoda mind tricks the guy seated next to him to give him his meal. However, even the Force isn’t enough stop the man from relinquishing his Diet Pepsi. They totally should have used Diet Pepsi to kill the Emperor.

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