‘Ferris Bueller’ And 9 Memorable Movie Parody Commercials

Monday, January 30 by

The Shining – Bing

Bing is so useful that it even helped the Torrance family get out of the Overlook Hotel. I’m impressed!

Royal Wedding – Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil gave Fred Astaire the Forrest Gump treatment by inserting their product into footage from Royal Wedding. Public reaction wasn’t too favorable, which came as a relief the National Janitors Association. Ain’t no way they’re willing to tap dance.

John Wayne – Coors

This isn’t targeted toward a specific John Wayne film, but it does pass for a good deal of them. In it, a pre-fame Johnny Knoxville and some guy who doesn’t electrocute his genitals for a living wander into a dusty border town hoping to quench their thirst. Instead of essential liquidation, they are greeted by the nightmare spectre of John Wayne that haunts the southwest. We all thought he was a myth but, lo, proof.

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