Honda shoved their new Super Bowl ad starring Matthew Broderick up our Inter-butts today. The ad sees Broderick parodying his most well-known film, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, as he calls in sick to work and goes on a wild adventure in his Honda CR-V. His stops include the Museum of Natural History, singing in a parade, and outfoxing the studio head. Pretty entertaining spot. Though his tiger-striped vest is sorely missed.

Ferris Bueller - Honda

Over the years, advertisers have relied on film parodies to help peddle their wares to varying degrees of success. Below are some that made us laugh, made us groan, and made us change the channel.

Back To The Future - Nike

Back To The Future fans have been waiting years for the chance to own Marty McFly's fresh kicks. Nike finally decided to get around to doing it and as a result, we have this maxi-commercial starring Bill Hader, Kevin Durant, and Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd. It's no surprise to see Lloyd reprise the role for an advertisement. He's done so in the past and has appeared in a string of low-budget projects in the past few years. Which is a shame. The man's a great actor. That's why the BTTF fan in me is happy to see Doc on the screen again.

Back To The Future - Spike

However, when Spike TV decided to honor Back To The Future at the 2010 Scream Awards, they landed a coup by putting Michael J. Fox back in the driver's seat of the DeLorean (which was destroyed by a train last I checked **smug nerd noise**). Previously, Fox had never reprised the role and this appearance was an awesome salute to pop culture. Here's hoping they never remake these films.

The Wizard of Oz - FedEx

Using computer sorcery, FedEx found a way to travel back in time and take control of The Wizard of Oz's Lollipop Guild. Either that or they used a really good graphics program. It's a pretty clever ad that shows the dangers that can happen when supplies are cut off to the Munchkin's Village.

The Shining - Bing

Bing is so useful that it even helped the Torrance family get out of the Overlook Hotel. I'm impressed!

Royal Wedding - Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil gave Fred Astaire the Forrest Gump treatment by inserting their product into footage from Royal Wedding. Public reaction wasn't too favorable, which came as a relief the National Janitors Association. Ain't no way they're willing to tap dance.

John Wayne - Coors

This isn't targeted toward a specific John Wayne film, but it does pass for a good deal of them. In it, a pre-fame Johnny Knoxville and some guy who doesn't electrocute his genitals for a living wander into a dusty border town hoping to quench their thirst. Instead of essential liquidation, they are greeted by the nightmare spectre of John Wayne that haunts the southwest. We all thought he was a myth but, lo, proof.

National Lampoon's Vacation -

Something called HomeAway hired Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo to reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen Griswald. This new adventure saw them checking into a terrible hotel. That's so Griswald.

Early footage of this spot lead many to believe that there was a new Vacation film in the works. Please no.

Tommy Boy - DirecTV

DirecTV only succeeded in bumming everyone out with this remixed footage from Tommy Boy. In it, David Spade expounds about DirecTV's many great features while a posthumous Chris Farley drones on in a loop about the ratio of coat to his body. Many felt the spot was in poor taste, but it was made with the consent of the Farley family. That point doesn't absolve it from being just plain weird.

Star Wars - Diet Pepsi

That Yoda guy from Star Wars appears in this Diet Pepsi ad to show off his Jedi skills. While seated at a diner where the waitresses apparently take foreverrrrr, Yoda mind tricks the guy seated next to him to give him his meal. However, even the Force isn't enough stop the man from relinquishing his Diet Pepsi. They totally should have used Diet Pepsi to kill the Emperor.

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