The sea monster is a classic creature in literature that hasn’t really been replicated as effectively as it should have been on film. You’d think there would be a large number of sea monster movies of all types, with creatures in a wide varieties of different shapes and colors. While there a number of different movies in this genre, the really great ones are few and far between. Check out these top six sea monster movies listed below.

“Deep Rising”. A cruise ship is attacked by something, and a special team is sent onboard to figure out what happened to the now abandoned ship. It’s a sea monster, not surprisingly, and it has infested the ship, offering tons of thrills and jumps in the cavernous steel body of the massive cruise ship. Not a good movie, but the sea monster is pretty cool. Plus, a cruise ship is a great setting for a monster movie.

“Waterworld”. Known better for being way over budget, “Waterworld” has one of the coolest sea monsters ever put on film. Even though it’s only in the film for about 30 seconds, it’s arguably the best part of the entire movie. If they'd focused on the sea monster a bit more in "Waterworld", maybe it wouldn't have been such an utter flop.

“The Abyss”. This often forgotten James Cameron epic has sea monsters unlike any that have ever been seen before, as they seem ominous but, by the end, are proven to be helpful. Rarely do sea monsters help to stop nuclear war, though "The Abyss" manages to pull this off quite well. This is just a great movie in general, as the humans themselves appear to be the true monsters.

“Jaws”. The most classic horror movie on the water ever made doesn’t technically have a sea monster, just an outrageously large man eating shark. But honestly, is there a better sea monster out there? Of course, you can also see some of the mechanical failures in the last act that almost drove Spielberg crazy.

“Leviathan”. A deep sea creature like the one in “The Thing” that has been created on a sunken Soviet ship is unleashed on a team of deep sea miners. Think “Alien” except miles below the water-at least that’s how the pitch probably went down. Being that deep with something trying to kill you is truly terrifying.

“The Host”. A Korean film about a mutated amphibious monster is one of the cooler aquatic monster movies ever made, as it comes in and out of the ocean to attack a city. If the plot wasn’t so ridiculous, it may have even become popular around the world. When you watch it, play "Gangham Style" to add more to the cool Korean factor.