Favorite Movies Of All Time, Did Your Favorite Make the List?

Friday, October 14 by George Root

The favorite movies of all time are timeless classics that will live on from generation to generation. Some of the favorite movies fo all time are important, while others were box office hits that remain in the record books to this day. See if your favorite movie made it on the list of favorite movies of all time and make sure you check out these movies when you get a chance.

"Gone With the Wind" This was one of the most anticipated movies in history and its adjusted box office numbers make it one of the favorite movies of all time. It is classic tale of the challenges of living in the South during the Civil War, with some of the finest acting in the history of movies. Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh lead a cast that will be immortalized in this entry into the list of favorite movies of all time.

"King Kong" The original "King Kong" movie was released during the Great Depression but still went on to break box office records. The stop-motion animation and special effects used to make the movie were ground-breaking and paved the way for future moviemaking innnovations. This movie remains as one of the favorite movies of all time for its ability to help Americans forget the Depression and its influence on filmmaking.

"The Godfather" Making timeless classic movies can be difficult, but director Francis Ford Coppola accomplished just that with "The Godfather." It is as relevant today as it was when it was made and helped launch the careers of such great actors as Al Pacino and Robert Duvall.

"Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" When George Lucas's epic tale of love and war on a foreign planet finally hit the big screen in 1977, it would become one of the favorite movies of all time and change the way movies were made forever. The special effects were unlike anything anyone had ever seen before and Lucas's mythology became the basis for an entire sub-culture.

"Psycho" When Alfred Hitchcock sets his mind to creating a classic horror movie, he often succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. With "Psycho" Hitchcock re-created how horror movies were to be filmed and introduced the concept of gore and violence to the Amercan movie-going audiences. It hit a chord with the public and became one of the favorite movies of all time.

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