Fast Food Movies: 6 Films About Whats For Dinner

Friday, February 24 by Irving Oala


Fast food has become the subject of a number of different films in our culture over the past decade or so. This is because unhealthy eating is something that has spread like a disease through American culture, making us incredibly fat or sick. So the great thinkers in the country began to take on fast food from a documentary or narrative standpoint, to see how it is made, how it effects us or what place it has in our culture as a whole. Check out six films that relate to fast food in some way below, so you can get your fill, without making yourself unhealthy physically.

"Super Size Me"


Perhaps the best known and most revered documentary to make immediate social change in a culture is Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me." In it, Spurlock uses himself as an entertaining guinea pig, where he eats nothing but McDonald's fast food for all three meals for the month and only does the average amount of exercise an average American does every day (which isn't much). The results are entertaining and shocking, making this a truly excellent documentary.

"Fast Food Nation"

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	Based on the popular non-fiction best seller that ripped the lid off the fast food industry, this <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>film</a> tried to do the same as a narrative with an ensemble cast. Unfortunately, this was a tough adaptation, and wasn't a very good movie. However, it did help to change the fast food industry, forcing them to offer healthy options on their menus.</p>
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On the flip side of the coin, the popular '70s musical "Grease" took place in a fast food diner, representing the popularity of fast food. This was a place where kids would gather and hang out, putting fast food in a positive light and reflecting the importance of it on youth's social culture. However, when you think about it this way it gives a whole new meaning to the movie's title.

"American Graffiti" 


Much like in "Grease," "American Graffiti" follows kids who are out for the night and hanging out at a fast food restaurant, where they meet up and plan where they are going later in the night. This was the glory days of fast food if you will, as it was during a time when fast food was still somewhat classy and fun, not unhealthy and cheap.

"Mystic Pizza"


One of the films that really made Julia Roberts' career was "Mystic Pizza," the story of women who worked at a small town pizza joint. Not exactly what you think about when you think about fast food movies, but it is in all respects, making you love pizza all the more, despite the fact that it is some of the most unhealthy fast food you can eat. But in this case, no one seems to care.

"Clerks II"

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	The <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>sequel</a> to one of the funnier truly Indie <a href=movies ever made follows two clerks, who are now working together in a fast food restaurant. This movie is relatively funny, though nowhere near as good as the original. It is also not a movie that glorifies fast food in anyway. Ironically, it may not be very good due to the fact that it was made a little too fast.

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