With a cast that scratch, bite and groin punch for the victory, the lives of this fantasy football group make for the best of comedy and sports, especially in these 6 must-watch episodes of “The League.” Hurdle the couch and tackle some nachos as you take on three full seasons of fantasy football done right.

“The Lockout”

What can you do to a man who has already been personally defiled by a trophy? You defile his apartment by letting the cast of one of the lowest of the low-budget adult films use it as a shooting location. Andre’s apartment gets owned like a 60-year-old on Xbox Live and it’s beautiful in the sickest of ways. Just watch Andre retrieve food off his couch and you’ll cringe along with his friends as they keep their dark, hilarious secret in an excellent scene.

“Ghost Monkey”

Combining the sadness of losing Halloween once you hit adulthood with a stolen monkey, “Ghost Monkey” is a perfect episode of “The League.” Kevin's piece de resistance booze cart idea on how to mesh adult Halloween and kids Halloween is worth purchasing this episode if you aren’t doing some moral yoga and torrenting it already. Taco’s séance to contact the monkey’s spirit is a gut-splitting scene.


“Mr. McGibblets”

A spa retreat that’s 100% male, a hidden sex video and a devious plan to mentally scar a kid for life just to stop her adoration of an annoying toy makes “Mr. McGibblets” one of the best episodes of “The League” in its short but vaunted history. Taco runs amok as Mr. McGibblets but only damages the adults while leaving Kevin’s daughter far from terrified as only he could do. With the defiling of everything that a spa represents, the boys tear this storyline up with laughs and shudders for everyone.

High School Reunion”

Ruxin decides to try to show off his wife to everyone at his high school reunion while Andre wants to promote his own dentistry success. Rather than doing the clichéd bucket list of schadenfreude, Pete uses the awkward socializing time to find the worst failure in their graduating class to name their fantasy football loser’s trophy. Taco’s explanation of the vinegar strokes right after he takes one for his own personal team in a tragic base jump by a vase is a legendary scene in “High School Reunion.”

“The Au Pair”

Teaching you that running man-on-man instead of zone defense does have its disadvantages, Ruxin runs interference on his nanny by blocking Taco, which let's Pete slip in unopposed. Featuring a great scene on how to lie by the moral Teflon that is Ruxin, who surprisingly is an attorney, “The Au Pair” is in the upper echelon of "The League" episodes. Sex, lies and convincing a wife how ugly her nanny’s earlobes are shows that “The League” can still catch a Hail Mary pass.

“Kegel the Elf”

The true spirit of Christmas in “The League” isn’t love; it is pure, gleeful revenge. Ruxin seeks to retaliate for a terrible biological weapon attack by the formidable married team of Kevin and Jenny, but finds out the attack wasn’t from them and must don the garb of the elf to save face in “Kegel the Elf.” Pete’s description of his penis realignment as akin to a scene from "Lethal Weapon" is a scene that should have you crying tears of goodness and light.