There are plenty of films about sports out there, but not many about the people who make sports as big as they are today: the fans. Few films have turned their attention to what that crowd does to show their love of sports and sports highlights, or perhaps just their hilarious (sometimes creepy) obsessions. Check out these five best films about sports fans.

"Big Fan."

This excellent independent film follows an obsessed fan who is beaten up by his favorite player. At the end of the day, it is a character study, and it truly shows the acting talents of Patton Oswalt.

"The Fan."

The Hollywood thriller version of an obsessed fan, Robert De Niro plays a creepy fan who is literally stalking Wesley Snipes's character. While the film goes a bit off the rails towards the end, De Niro is always fun to watch, no matter what the scenario.

"Field of Dreams."

One of the best sports fan films ever made and arguably one of the best Hollywood films made in the last few decades, "Field of Dreams" follows a baseball fan who builds a baseball diamond in his corn field. The main character sacrifices his livelihood for his love of sports.

"The Sandlot."

A coming-of-age kids movie about kids who love baseball, lose a Babe Ruth baseball and go to great lengths to get it back: this sports fan film is so good it will make you want to grab your glove and go play ball somewhere, anywhere, once you are finished watching.

"Major League."

This comedy about the Cleveland Indians overcoming the odds to win may be the quintessential sports fan film, as it's fun, funny and really what sports are all about. While sports fans aren't the main characters in this film, the movie is ultimately for them.