Alien invasions are a popular scenario that sparks the imaginations of science fiction writers everywhere. Certainly, aliens coming to Earth have been a staple of sci-fi TV shows since the early days of television."Falling Skies" has brought us the latest spin on the alien invasion story. The TNT series deals with a band of freedom fighters who battle hordes of aliens that have successfully conquered Earth and rule the planet.

“Falling Skies” gives us the chance to look back at some of the best TV shows featuring aliens coming to Earth with the goal of enslaving the human race.

 "The Twilight Zone"

All three incarnations of the iconic anthology series had multiple episodes dealing with alien invaders seeking to overrun Earth. The original series hosted by Rod Serling did the best job of tailoring this invasion scenario to relate to a common moral, social, ethical or philosophical dilemma of the time. Decades later, "The Twilight Zone" remains a classic when it comes to all forms of science fiction storytelling.

"The X-Files"

From the central premise of a pair of FBI agents exploring cases dealing with paranormal occurrences, "The X-Files" built a complex mythology surrounding an imminent alien invasion threat that Fox Mulder dedicated his life to preventing. Many episodes dealt with Mulder trying to stop subtle colonization efforts and alien abductions. "The X-Files" mirrored "The Twilight Zone" in portraying alien invaders as subtle villains.


Through two miniseries and a short-lived one-hour series, TV viewers became familiar with a race known as the visitors. They came to Earth ostensibly to spread peace and cure diseases and other ills. In reality, these reptilian aliens in disguise were mainly interested in using humans for food. Having dinner with a visitor meant being dinner for the visitor!

"Stargate SG –1"

Opening a wormhole that goes to other planets means fending off continual alien invasions. That's the lesson the U.S. Air Force quickly learns in “Stargate SG-1” the first time they use the stargate to travel to other worlds. Many episodes center on battling the Goa'uld—a race of parasitic aliens masquerading as gods from Earth's history—who once enslaved humanity and seeks to do it again. The series built a following on the strength of an original concept and the personality of former "MacGyver" star Richard Dean Anderson, who played team leader Colonel Jack O'Neill.


It only lasted a single season on ABC, but "Invasion" did an effective job of updating the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" storyline for the small screen. A host of water based aliens invade a small Florida town following a destructive hurricane. They slowly clone the town's residents and merge with the originals as the survivors try to discover what is going on. It was another promising show that fell victim to network executives with itchy trigger fingers who like to pull the plug on shows with an ounce of creativity.