Politics can make for a rich fabric of different storylines. There are a number of great political television shows that have come out over the years, showing people how politics works on both a macro and a micro scale. Check out the five best political television shows, listed below.

"The West Wing."

Aaron Sorkin wrote the first few seasons of this brilliant broadcast show that took us inside the rough and tumble political world of the White House, where crisis is constant and people are always cutting deals. This political drama still holds up as one of the best television series ever made.

"The Wire."

While David Simon's epic, critical darling on HBO isn't just about politics, the politics in the city of Baltimore play a major part of the show, as a whole season focuses on a man being elected mayor of the city. In fact, every episode is tinged with politics and inherent corruption of the big city American political system.

"The Daily Show."

A daily comedy mocking news shows, "The Daily Show" doesn't technically make anything up, although the features they do are clearly somewhat fictional. But this raises an interesting point about news shows in general: how much are they dramatizing for the sake of higher ratings?

"South Park."

While it doesn't come off as a political TV show, the animated and offensive kids at "South Park" cover a different political topic every week in their own frank and brilliant way. All this show does is make political issues digestible for everyone out there.

"Spin City."

This sitcom-style political comedy starring Michael J. Fox in the mid-'90s was well-written and completely unique when it came to lampooning the political world. While they didn't necessarily take on a political issue each episode, they were deeply embedded in the silliness of politics.