Faith On Screen: 5 Religious Movies

Wednesday, December 28 by Joseph Gibson

“The Gospel According to St. Matthew”

the Gospel According to St. Matthew.jpg

The best Jesus movie ever made by a gay atheist communist, “The Gospel According to St. Matthew” is a neo-realistic look at Christ. Just imagine what it would look like if a documentary crew could have followed Jesus and the disciples around, and you have a decent approximation of the visual style in the movie. It’s also a respectful portrait of the subject, following the text much more closely than other movies from more religious filmmakers.

The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man.jpg

Alfred Hitchcock wasn’t known for portraying religion in his movies, but the Big Guy plays quite a big role in this ripped-from-the-headlines thriller. Henry Fonda plays a working-class musician who gets wrongfully convicted of a robbery. While serving his jail time, he takes solace in a portrait of Jesus, making this one of the most subtle and earnest portraits of religious faith in Hollywood movies.

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