Faith On Screen: 5 Religious Movies

Wednesday, December 28 by Joseph Gibson

creepy nun.jpg

Religion is a pretty polarizing business that can divide believers from non-believers. But a good movie can bridge that gap, serving as warm and inspirational entertainment even if the closest you come to prayer is shouting “God damn it” when you stub your toe. Here are five of those religious movies, for the Church Lady who lives inside you.

Ben-Hur chariot race.jpg

The long running time of “Ben-Hur” might make it easy to forget about the religion of the story. But consider the subtitle: “A Tale of the Christ.” And even though you never see Jesus’ face in the movie, he casts a very long shadow on the plot, and the scenes of his healing the sick and his crucifixion are some of the most powerful in the movie. And even if you’re not religious, you can appreciate the work in the famous chariot race sequence, an action scene that still holds up more than 50 years after it was made.

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