Everything I Know About Australia I Learned From Hollywood

Wednesday, January 25 by

Kangaroos Are Wily

You know what I’ll never do? Get into a boxing match with a kangaroo. I’d sooner fight Ivan Drago. Actually, that would probably make a pretty awesome Rocky sequel. Rocky could get in the ring one last time to take on a kangaroo. You know you’d go see it if they marketed it right.

Also, I’m pretty sure some of these animals can talk, based on the trailers I saw for Kangaroo Jack. I think they rap, too.

They’ll Watch Anything

Australia has produced a wealth of wonderful films like Shine, Proof, The Piano, Strictly Ballroom, Chopper, Animal Kingdom, and many others. But, it’s also the home of Young Einstein, and Undead. Sadly, the bad outweighs the good in this situation.

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