Everything I Know About Australia I Learned From Hollywood

Wednesday, January 25 by

There Are Probably Animals Everywhere

Of the many things that films and television shows have taught me, the most important is that Australians have no fear of animals, mammals, or reptiles. In fact, every house probably keeps a variety of snakes, insects, and other dangerous beasts as pets. And don’t get me started on the man-eating plants.

Didgeridoo’s Out The Ass

Well, not literally out the ass. Probably. I think. I’m not really sure because I haven’t seen Wolf Creek. What I do know is that the muted moan or a didgeridoo is the official sound effect used in Australia-based movies. Just like pipas are featured in Chinese films, xylophones in England, electric guitars in California, harmonicas in the South, and tubas in France. It’s just law.

They Dress Funny

It’s practically the leather vest capitol of the world.

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