"Final Destination" begins when a teen and his friends escape death at an airport. But death is coming back for them. The teens must form a way around death's design. The movie is packed tight with deadly drama enough to be followed by multiple "Final Destination" flicks. These seven most feared "Final Destination" deaths will keep you on the edge of life's seat.

"Final Destination", computer kill of Valerie Lewton.

Valerie Lewton's computer monitor shatters piercing her neck. Just like the worst day possible on the face of the Earth, she slips on her own blood accidentally turning on the record player forcing the audience to listen to a really bad song. Her computer catches the room on fire, she grabs the only towel from the counter she can - the towel covering a block of sharp butcher knives. She is stabbed in the heart, she dies and her house blows up.

"Final Destination", Billy Hitchcock loses his head.

The train pushes down the track as Billy Hitchcock stands face to face with death's ridiculous plan after one friend survives a too-close-for-comfort train track vehicle stall. Billy's final destination arrives. He is partially beheaded when a slice of metal on the train track takes flight at top speeds, decapitating Billy in front of his friends.

"Final Destination 2", the opening log.

A log falls off of a truck resulting in a deadly domino effect. Dead drivers and passengers litter the highway. Those who are "saved" end up with their days numbered. Those who die in this truck splashing vehicle exploding scene gets off easy by being burnt alive. Those watching the scene are too busy throwing up in buckets.

"Final Destination 2", Nora's hairy situation.

Another person in an elevator holds a basket of items that accidently snags Nora's long braid. Nora, a mourning mother, is then in a hairy situation when the doors shut. Her head is stuck inside of the door as her body hangs outside of the elevator. Nora's head reaches the next floor up but her body falls to the ground - a floor below.

"Final Destination 2", Rory's departure.

Picking up from one freak accident to another, a smoke falls into gas on the ground lighting the path towards Rory's death. The fire forces an explosion strong enough to loosen the anchor wood to the area bob wire fence. Rory takes a hit of cocaine before the fence travels incredible speeds and slices Rory's body. His body slowly slides towards the ground - in pieces.

"Final Destination 3", Ashley is an aptly-name.

Everyone would love to seek destination in a tanning booth. Everyone except Ashley and her posh friend. With a smoothie and their snotty attitudes, the girls prepare for a tanning session. Death visits while things are getting heated up. A sequence of events, including a bottle of cream that wedged the door opened squirting out any of the salon clerk's attempts to get inside, results in a high radiant burn and boil. The girls are fried inside of their tanning booths.

"Final Destination 3", the rollercoaster ride from hell.

"Final Destination 3" rolls down the rollercoaster track delivering what most amusement park lovers hope never to experience - a deadly ride. We all heard of rollercoaster malfunctions but rarely ever see one. "Final Destination 3" steps up to the horror plate in offering viewers a visual of bodies tossed from their unlocked seats while the rollercoaster is upside down. You can find them near their final destination - the deadly rollercoaster.