When "Eurotrip" came out years ago, it seemed like a no-brainer to make a comedy about: teenagers head to Europe and experience all the stereotypically funny and offensive things that Americans would when going to a number of cultures totally different from theirs. However, this is not a new theme; there are a number of movies about Europe told through the eyes of teenagers that explore European culture from a youthful and relatively innocent point of view. A few of them are listed below, giving you a well-rounded European experience without having to visit for yourself, though you should.


"National Lampoon's European Vacation"

The second of the Vacation films and arguably the worst follows the Griswold family around the continent on a European vacation that is rife with problems and experiences. His teenaged kids make the most of the trip though, especially Rusty who gets to hook up with a number of girls in different countries. These scenes alone make the film worth watching.


"Harold and Kumar Go To Amsterdam"

This installment of the Harold and Kumar franchise was so bad that it went straight to DVD. However, it's certainly the view of a popular part of Europe through the half-opened eyes of a twenty-something, showing what you would imagine are the highlights and lowlights of Amsterdam. Despite being mildly offensive and completely inaccurate, this movie is not so bad.


"Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo"

While this film is not technically told through the eyes of a teenager, it's told through the sensibilities of Rob Schneider, which might be less than a teenager's when it comes to humor. That said, it falls into the gross-out, offensive, slapstick comedy category that is worthy of watching if you want to be shocked that millions were spent actually making it.


"My Life in Ruins"

Told from the perspective of a woman who is trying to find herself in Greece, this sophomoric romantic comedy follows her on a Greek and Italian vacation, feeling like a teenager is telling the story as she struggles with her love life—or lack thereof. This is a specific region of Europe in which this story is being told, but a European vacation tale nonetheless.


"Human Traffic"

A late-90's English film that took place during the ecstacy boom, this film follows the comedic teenaged lives of ravers who are out and about every night trying to have a good time. While the whole continent of Europe isn't explored, it's a pretty good cross-section of the English social and electronic scene during its golden era.


"Swimming Pool"

An older female writer and a really hot teenaged woman are stuck in a house together in the South of France when a murder occurs one raucous night. This fun and sexy independent film is not exactly a comedy, but it’s definitely appealing to teens, primarily because of all the sexuality throughout.