Eight Truths And A Lie About Birthday Boy Wilford Brimley

Tuesday, September 27 by
They say his smile is insured with Lloyd's of London for $3 million. 

Today is Wilford Brimley’s 77th birthday. Before you duck out on the office early to head off to some rager celebrating the WB’s big day, Screen Junkies would like to let you know exactly who you are celebrating. Wilford Brimley is so much more than a man with a mustache that suffers from diabeetus. He is also a proud father, loving widower, and a passionate outdoors-man.

Please note that eight of the items listed are true, and one is a lie. Because we value responsible journalism at Break Media, we will provide you with an answer as to which is the lie, but not before you click through to the end. I need those page views.


9. Wilford Brimley Has Used His Own Money To Reverse Bans On Horse Racing and Cockfighting

He has invested in and raised racehorses, and argues that the ban on cockfighting is an infringement on personal liberties.

8. Wilford Brimley Is A Mormon

He was born in Salt Lake City and has been devoted to the church his entire life.

7. Wilford Brimley Released A Jazz Album In 2004

He titled it This Time, The Dream’s On Me, and it features a number of jazz standards.

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