Eddie Murphy’s 9 Worst Moments

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How bad is Norbit? Several years ago, when HD DVD was competing against Blu-Ray for dominance of the high definition home market, HD DVD manufactures offered a number of “classic titles” for free in the mail, as an incentive for buying a home player. One such “classic” was Norbit. A sure sign that your movie sucks is when it is eventually given away for free, and still remains unopened. In hindsight, I deserved this movie for investing in HD DVD. I keep that copy of Norbit in my collection to remind myself of my deep shame.

Holy Man

The ad campaign for Holy Man mostly revolved around Eddie’s character tricking somebody into drinking his piss before revealing that it wasn’t really his piss, much to the poor sap’s relief. Which is pretty funny, if you consider that the people marketing this film were pulling the same trick on the audience, only with actual cinematic piss. About a year before the film was released, Eddie was pulled over by police for giving a tranny a lift in his car. I can’t decide which is more embarrassing: that incident or the premiere of Holy Man.

Meet Dave

Among its many other shortcomings, The Adventures of Pluto Nash failed to convince Eddie Murphy that Comedy/Sci-fi is not the genre for him. Only a year after getting great reviews for his supporting turn in the film Dreamgirls, Eddie picked the bizarre 2008 mess Meet Dave as his way to build on his momentum. If this list hasn’t made it clear, Eddie shouldn’t choose his own films anymore. Except for Bowfinger, The Nutty Professor and Shrek, he hasn’t picked a winner since the goddamn Berlin Wall fell. Hell, I didn’t even mention Showtime, Life, and Vampire In Brooklyn. Perhaps Tower Heist is the end to Eddie’s awful streak. Scenes of him flirting with Precious don’t fill me with hope, but I’m keeping the faith.

Come back, Eddie! All is forgiven! Even Metro!

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