Eddie Murphy’s 9 Worst Moments

Thursday, November 3 by

Beverly Hill’s Cop III

Beverly Hill’s Cop still kicks ass nearly 30 years later. The first sequel wasn’t on par, but it had its moments (most notably Murphy’s reaction to meeting Brigitte Nielsen). The fact that the third installment was a straight up disaster is surprising, considering it’s directed by John Landis, who had fantastic collaborations with Murphy in both Trading Places and Coming to America. Still, when a George Lucas cameo is your highlight, you know you’ve got a bomb on your hands.

I Spy

Although it’s hard to tell from this list, I like really Eddie Murphy. I also like Owen Wilson. That’s why this asleep at the wheel 2002 remake of the classic Bill Cosby/Robert Culp TV series is so disheartening. It’s still a great premise, and it has a solid cast. So why is it so desperate? Murphy and Wilson have zero chemistry, and the script borrows from every other odd couple action comedy you’ve ever seen, only with none of the laughs.

“I Was The King”

You probably think “Party All The Time” is Eddie’s worst moment as a singer. That song is pretty awful, but the 1993 video for “I Was The King” is somehow even worse. This collaboration with Shabba Ranks (you remember Shabba!) is a fantastic train wreck of ego and pretentiousness. And as an added bonus, the song sucks. If you don’t believe me, check out the video above. I made it as far as 2 minutes and 33 seconds. Try and top that, if you dare!

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