Eddie Murphy’s 9 Worst Moments

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Comedy legend Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen this weekend in Tower Heist. With a career spanning 30 years, there are plenty of great moments to choose from. But with the good comes a whole lot of bad, and in this case, that means almost everything from 1990 onward. To help you avoid the low lights, we’ve assembled nine of his worst works on one helpful list. Just steer clear of these while on Amazon or Netflix, and you’re Golden, Child. Ugh.

And to be clear, we’re not just kicking a man when he’s down. Check out 9 Reasons Eddie Murphy Is A Comic Genius.

Another 48 Hours

Walter Hill‘s 48 Hours is an action comedy classic. It’s surprisingly violent for the genre, and it features a “star is born” performance from Eddie Murphy, only a couple years before he took over the world with Beverly Hills Cop. This 1990 follow up had the same director and stars, but none of the urgency or hunger. The film winds up feeling as lazy as its title, with the same bits redone over and over. The ending is kind of fun, but this movie is the beginning of a long decline for Eddie.

The Haunted Mansion

In the summer of 2003, Disney had a surprise smash hit with a film adaptation of one of their famous theme park rides, Pirates of the Caribbean. They must of been super excited knowing they had this comedy take on another of their classic rides waiting in the wings for the fall. And then The Haunted Mansion opened and fell like a rock. The Pirates franchise spawned three hit sequels, with more on the way. The Haunted Mansion continues to be a popular ride at Disney World, and the DVD of the film is a staple of discount bins everywhere.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Unlike most people, I have actually watched Pluto Nash. It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, it was on cable, and I thought, “How bad can it be?” The sad truth is: It’s not the worst movie ever. It just isn’t remarkable or fun. Bad movies are normally a dime a dozen, except that Pluto Nash cost $110 Million, and it made back about 7 million. This turd put a stink on Eddie’s career he’s still rinsing off.

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