The "Eclipse" soundtrack song list is one of the most famous soundtracks to debut in a while. The soundtrack features a plethora of indie artists that specifically wrote these songs for the movie. The music supervisor for this film is quite the artist with her choices of varying sounds with low-key tones and a dark and sinister nature, much like the movie itself.

  1. "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina This song starts out incredibly sweet with Anya Marina's small and silent voice singing "Satellite Heart." The song is incredibly poignant with its subtle nature. For the "Eclipse" soundtrack, this song is the epitome of how the perfectly written song can elevate a scene.

  2. "Roslyn" by Bon Iver and St. Vincent With Bon Iver's graceful voice and the collaborative efforts of St. Vincent, this song is one of the best on the "Eclipse" soundtrack. Its acoustic efforts don't go unnoticed as the guitar almost acts as a separate voice in the song. Bon Iver's voice is like a winter day. 

  3. "Slow Life" by Grizzly Bear This song from the "Eclipse" soundtrack has a been played over and over again on radios all over the nation. Grizzly Bear is a group known for its subtle sounds. The lead singers voice is so unique.

  4. "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie This is one of the more upbeat songs on the soundtrack. Death Cab for Cutie adds their signature sound to the movie's somber nature. The song has some slower parts that still maintain a rock and roll type of sound.

  5. "Friends" by Band of Skulls For the "Eclipse" soundtrack, this song is more of a rock anthem. It is mixed with bits of doo-wop beats and the lead singer's punk rock voice. The chorus is a low energy build-up.

  6. "Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke The lead singer of the indie power group Radiohead brings this song up to bat. It is a techno centric song with a steady beat. There are ghostly echoes that ring in the background.

  7. "Possibility" by Lykke Li This song is quite the feminine touch for the beginning of the soundtrack. Lykke Li's piano-based song is simple. It is haunting with the echoing of background singers accompanied by the sound of dripping like rain.

  8. "A White Demon Love Song" by The Killers For the "Eclipse" soundtrack, this song has a deep and slow pace. The Killers bring their old school rock sound and match it with an irony that only The Killers could get away with. This song is all about being in love with someone that doesn't love you back.

  9. "I Belong to You (New Moon Remix)" by Muse Muse uses varying instruments to make their sound very well rounded. However, this song has moments of surfer beach sound met with a modern flare. This song has the nature of a jack of all trades.

  10. "Done All Wrong" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Like an old western, this song warns of the dangers in hurting someone you love. The masculine lead vocalist is paired perfectly with an innocent, strong female background vocalist. The harmonica moments are fit in perfectly with the tone of this song.

  11. "Monsters" by Hurricane Bells This song is all about having a low-key, underground rock sound. With a steady beat, the lead singer's voice is synthed to rock perfection. The chorus is an upbeat one and the guitar solo reminds you of an '80s hair band.

  12. "The Violet Hour" by Sea Wolf For the "Eclipse" soundtrack, this song has a bittersweet sound. The lead singer's quivering vocals are matched perfectly with the elegant sound of the rest of the song. Its a sweet song about adoring the one you love. 

  13. "Shooting the Moon" by Ok Go This song is a slower sounding song for the band Ok Go. There is a slow and steady beat whipped together by tambourines. Another great feature of this song is the long whaling sounds like the lead singer is drowning. Other songs include, "No Sound But the Wind" by Editors and "New Moon (The Meadow)" by Alex Desplat.