It's Valentine's Day, which means love is in the air. Also, it means it's time to watch an array of hearts being torn out and eaten in films and on television. We wanted to save this for when Gary Busey inevitably gets caught on camera eating a coyote's heart, but we kind of lost patience. The world is waiting, Busey!!

Jason Goes To Hell

When the United States government finally steps in to do something about the Jason Vorhees problem at Camp Crystal Lake, they foolishly believe they can kill him off by shooting him into pieces and exploding the remains. Nice try, guys. Obviously a handicapped kid who doesn't know how to swim is more resilient than that. As you see in the above clip, the coroner who performs his autopsy can't help but take a deep bite of the moldy corpse's still beating, hypnotic heart. Resulting in Jason taking possession of his body and starting his killing spree a new as an older black gentleman.

True Blood

After having his memory wiped and just being dicked around by witches for an entire season, Eric Northman had had enough of their black magic shenanigans. He swooped in and made an example of the coven's most annoying witch by yanking her heart from her chest and drinking the ventricle as if it were a Juicy Juice. So, yeah, point taken. Eric Northman no longer f***ing around.

Bordello of Blood

It's the perfect set up. A beautiful vampire queen sets up a secret bordello beneath a funeral home (kinky) and lures all the douchey hornballs in town. After showing them sweet knockers, the douchebags then have their hearts ripped out and consumed. In fact, it's the disappearance of Corey Feldman that sets the film's plot into action. Not sure why anyone wanted to go looking for him. That's the only part of the premise that I can't wrap my head around.

One Tree Hill

Joe Davola does fine work.

Midnight Meat Train

This creepy society of subway killers play rough. After incessant snooping and picture-snapping from Bradley Cooper, they capture him and remove his tongue. He's then forced to watch as they cut his hot girlfriend's heart out in front of him. What ever happened to confiscating the camera? I have a feeling Sean Penn took things this far, TMZ might learn to chill the frig out a bit.

From Dusk Til Dawn

First of all, how badass is Fred Williamson to punch through a Mexican vampire's chest and rip out his heart? Despite this display of pure awesomeness, it wasn't enough to kill the vampire. In order to kill the creature, a stake had to be stabbed into the removed heart. Which Tom Savini quickly handles by jamming a pencil into it.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

You can't really have a list about hearts getting ripped out with including Mola Ram's ritual removal of hearts in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This is the Internet afterall. There are rules.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Kids are tough. They can be really overreactionary when you don't buy them the toy they wanted or allow them a real life outside the confines of your laboratory. Dr. Frankenstein learned that his own stitched up corpse baby man showed its rebelious streak by ripping out his girlfriend's heart. Go to your room, Monster!

The Sword and the Sorcerer

I've never seen this film, but the short clip above has convinced me that there is nothing more important to do in my life right now. Hold all calls, showers, and meals. There's work to be done.

Game of Thrones

In order to show the Dothraki people that she's cool enough to be in their savage club, Daenerys Targaryen has to eat a horse heart in front of them while they chant. The scene could only be cooler if Joe Rogan were there to tell her she's a pussy for not chewing fast enough.

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