The hard-working characters on TV need a place to unwind. If the guy who works at the factory can have a couple of beers before heading home, so can Cliff the mailman when he heads over to Cheers after making his rounds. It's a great vehicle for TV writers. There's a feeling of comfort and security when you go to your regular place. It may be a false feeling, but the minute you walk in you get a feeling like you are home. It makes for a great television setting.

Cheers. Perhaps the most famous of all the television bars. Set in Boston, bartender Sam Malone (portrayed by Ted Danson) is a former relief pitcher for the Red Sox who owned a bar. He had regular employees like Coach, Diane, Carla and Woody working for him and customers like Cliff Clavin, Norm Peterson and Frasier Crane. The show ran successfully from 1982-93 and very few scenes were shot outside the bar. The characters were so comfortable inside the Cheers Bar and we were comfortable watching them.

Bada Bing! "The Sopranos" was HBO's signature program. The show revolved around New Jersey organized crime boss Tony Soprano and his crew of mobsters. One of their primary businesses was a north Jersey strip bar called the Bada Bing! Tony used "The Bing" offices to bide his time and plan out his next move. The strippers at the Bing were always top of the line and Tony and his crew would occasionally get friendly with the beautiful girls that worked there.

The Drunken Clam. It may be a cartoon bar, but Family Guy just wouldn't be the same if Peter Griffin didn't meet with his friends at The Drunken Clam to have a beer or two or ten. Say what you want about Peter's political incorrectness and his overall attitude, but you can't say he doesn't come up with his own ideas for his many socially irresponsible exploits. He comes up with most of those exploits when drinking with Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe at The Drunken Clam.

MacLaren's Bar. This is one of the primary settings for CBS' hit show "How I Met Your Mother," and the most impressive aspect of the show is the camaraderie felt by Ted, Marshall, Barney, Lily and Robin. When they are sitting at their regular table at the bar, they seem to really like each other and relate to each other extremely well. That may not always be the case when they are outside the bar.

Archie's Bunker's Place. Kelsey's Tavern was Archie Bunker's favorite bar during the run of the all-time classic "All in the Family," he bought the establishment when the show came back as Archie Bunker's Place in 1979. Once Archie was able to purchase the bar and run it as his own, he became a much happier man. Archie was always giving advice and telling people how to live their lives and there was no better place for him to do that than the bar that carried his name.

Club Tropicana. "I Love Lucy" was one of the first megahits in the history of television. It starred Lucille Ball and her real-life husband Desi Arnaz. On the show, Arnaz's character Ricky Ricardo was a bandleader who performed regularly at the Club Tropicana. It may seem ridiculous by today's standards, but it was a must-watch show from 1951 through 1957. It was so iconic that it was voted the No. 2 series (behind "Seinfeld") in the history of television by TV Guide in 2002.