One of the most fascinating, eerie and incredible worlds revealed in film is what is under the ocean. As the majority of the Earth is covered by water, the mysteries of the deep are as many as the mysteries in outer space. Because of this, a number of narrative films and documentaries have explored the dark, foreboding world of the deep, complete with monsters and wonders alike. Here are six films that explore the abyss of the deep sea, allowing our imaginations to love and fear what lies beneath the water all at the same time.

"The Abyss". This James Cameron film is a narrative about aliens underwater and a conspiracy to steal a nuclear weapon. A number of intense action scenes and some incredibly breathtaking (no pun intended) underwater moments make "The Abyss" perhaps the most memorable and classic underwater adventure film made to date.

"Megashark vs. Giant Octopus". This over the top campy movie pits two mythical creatures against each other, both from the very deep ocean. Much of the fighting happens underwater, making this ridiculous film explore the deep sea in a fun, fantastical way. However, you can't be a serious mood when you watch this one, if you didn't get the drift by the title alone.

"Leviathan". Generally considered to be a bad thriller and horror film, "Leviathan" follows characters who come upon a wrecked Soviet submarine that is carrying dangerous cargo. When they bring it back to their base, horrible things begin happening, much like what occurred in better known and reviewed films like "Alien" and "The Thing". However, the seeds of the idea for this film were quite good, making "Leviathan" a storyline that is ripe for a remake, assuming you can find someone brave enough to shoot around water throughout the entire film. We all remember what happened in "Waterworld".

"Deep Sea 3D". One of the most glorious deep sea documentaries ever made, "Deep Sea 3D" utilizes 3D technology to make every viewer feel like they are actually swimming under water into the depths of the ocean. Massive jellyfish and colorful reefs drift around you as the camera explores some of the ocean's most picturesque wonders you would otherwise never see.

"Aliens of the Deep". James Cameron returned to the deep years after "The Abyss" to make this documentary about some of the weirdest creatures in the deepest oceans in the world. As is Cameron's way, record-breaking methods of shooting and dives occurred to get some of these deep sea animals on film, many of which had never before been photographed.


"Planet Earth: Ocean Deep". The "Planet Earth" series of documentaries from the Discovery Channel and the BBC are some of the best nature documentaries ever made, and the "Ocean Deep" documentary is no exception. You will see some of the most unique deep sea animals photographed in some of the most beautiful ways in this series and learn something about how the oceans work. Most importantly, you will respect the ocean and all that lives in it, so that we may protect it for future generations.