Looking for the "Dear John" soundtrack list? This soundtrack features several great songs and artists, and contains a nice mix of songs from the film. If you love "Dear John" and want to know about the songs featured on the soundtrack, continue reading. Whether you decide to purchase the whole soundtrack or just some of the songs, you are sure to enjoy your selections. 

"Paperweight" by Schuyler Fisk and Joshua Radin.

This romantic and relaxing song featured on the "Dear John" soundtrack was recorded by actress and singer/song-writer, Schuyler Fisk. Fisk also happens to be the daughter of the famous Sissy Spacek. 

"The Moon" by The Swell Season.

"The Moon" is a low-key and somewhat folksy song that was featured on the "Dear John" soundtrack. If you love intimate, slow songs, than you will probably love this tune. 

"Amber" by 311.

"Amber" is a 2001 song from the band 311, and the style is somewhat a mix between reggae rock and surf rock. The song fits perfectly with the rest of the songs featured in "Dear John", and has also been featured in the film "50 First Dates". 

"Excelsior Lady" by The Donkeys.

"Excelsior Lady" is another great song on the "Dear John" soundtrack. The Donkeys are a band based out of San Diego that first hit the music scene in 2006. 

"Things & Time" by Wailing Souls.

This fun reggae song sung by the band "Wailing Souls" is the perfect tune to listen to on a summer day or a day at the beach. The song goes perfectly with the mood of the film, and is one that is hard to resist. 

"Little House" by Amanda Seyfried.

Besides acting in the film "Dear John", Amanda Seyfried also sings one of the songs on the soundtrack to the movie. Amanda's soft and pretty voice is sure to have you loving this song instantly. 

"This is the Thing" by Fink.

Another great song on the "Dear John" soundtrack list, "This is the Thing" is a deep song with powerful lyrics and a catchy tune. Fink is an English song-writer/singer from St. Ives.

"Think of Me" by Rosi Golan.

"Think of Me" is a sunny, light-hearted song that is sung by Israeli born singer Rosi Golan. The song is truly unique and has a captivating sound that makes it hard not to love. 

"You Take My Troubles Away" by Rachael Yamagata and Dan Wilson.

Like many of the songs on the "Dear John" soundtrack, "You Take My Troubles Away" is a soft, mellow song with meaningful lyrics and pretty instrumental sounds.