Damn Dirty Apes: 5 Ape Characters From ‘Planet Of The Apes’

Monday, January 2 by Joseph Gibson


It’s true that all humans look alike to apes: But did you know that humans often report an inverted similar phenomenon? Nevertheless, the ape characters of  “Planet of the Apes” manage to delineate themselves from each other nicely. But in case you have trouble telling apes apart, here’s a helpful guide to those lovably articulate primates.

Dr. Cornelius

Dr. Cornelius.jpg

The ape scientist played by Roddy McDowall. As a scientist, he runs toward the conservative end of the spectrum, although he has his questions about the superstitious beliefs of the ape establishment. Did apes evolve from humans? Cornelius isn’t sure one way or the other, but he believes in the power of science to answer the question. He’s also engaged to our next ape guest:

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