Cut Loose: The 9 Greatest High School Dances In Film

Wednesday, August 31 by

3. Teen Wolf

You think life is treating you pretty well, then you have to compile a list like this and you realize that it could have been so much better. If only you’d been a wolf. A teen wolf. The awesomeness of this prom is compounded by several factors. The presence of Stiles, a gentleman once known to wear a shirt that read simply, “What are you staring at, dicknose?”, a white tux jacket, and the presence of a teenage werewolf. I can’t stress the importance of that last one enough. It’s odd though, cause most kids that hairy in high school aren’t popular at all. Kids can be so mean.

2. Carrie

You really want to enjoy this prom at arm’s length, because it goes from good to not-so-good pretty quickly. Most high school dances don’t have ghosts and wraths and telekinetic activity, but this one does, and that’s what really sets it apart. Also, if powder blue tuxes with ruffles are your thing, then this dance is your Woodstock.

Also, if you’re a prankster, this one sets the bar pretty high. Most pranks don’t completely crush a girl’s spirit and sense of decency, but this one does.

1. Can’t Buy Me Love

This high school dance saw Ronald Miller perform the African Anteater dance, which caught on with most of the people in the film, but sadly, not in the real world, which was a shame, because it was a really great dance. The thinking man’s Macarena. One part mashed potato, one part epileptic fit, all parts awesome. Beyond the African Anteater Ritual, there’s little remarkable about the dance, but the Anteater Ritual is more than enough to cruise this one into the top spot.

Special thanks to Jeanine for planting the seed on this one. 

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