Cut Loose: The 9 Greatest High School Dances In Film

Wednesday, August 31 by

6. Grosse Point Blank

Granted, this is one of two reunion dances on the list, but whatever. Don’t be a dick. It’s a high school gym and these people were all high school classmates. Further, the reunion has some pretty good music going on. In fact, the music is a little TOO good. No one’s taste in music during the 80’s was as good as the Grosse Point Blank soundtrack was. If I planned on attending any of my high school reunions, I’m pretty sure I’d just hear “Da Dip” Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” and something by Duncan Sheik.

Points against the reunion/dance because someone brought a baby that John Cusack won’t stop staring at during David Bowie’s “Under Pressure.” That moment’s a little intense for me.

5. She’s All That

In cinema classes at universities around the world over, a class should be taught on how to keep your films from appearing dated after ten years. On the first day, the teacher will address the class with simply, “Do not include a large dance scene set to Fatboy Slim’s “Rockefeller Skank. Please take the rest of the period to nap or chat quietly with your neighbor.”

Also, if I was the principal of that school, I would wonder why everyone was so good at dancing, but they’re such awful students. I mean, this isn’t even an arts magnet.

“If you kids put half the energy into studying as you did dancing to The Fatboy, you’d all be Rhodes Scholars.”

4. Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion

OK. Lots to discuss here. The “Time After Time” dance is just amazing. They leave in a helicopter with a billionaire. And the rich pregnant girls get reminded that they have kids, which must have been devastating. The girls’ dresses are awesome, and I had a crush on Michelle (I think. Whichever one Mira Sorvino is) when I was 18. I think it was her voice.

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