Cool Gay Movies

Monday, April 11 by Courtney Ferry

There are many cool gay movies out there, and here we've made a list of some of the best. Gay movies are some of the best kinds of movies to watch, whether you are gay or straight. So grab the popcorn and soda, and find a comfortable spot on the couch, because we're about to review some of the coolest gay movies to watch!

  1. "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" This crazy 1970's film starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon made a huge impact when it first came out, and has remained a cult classic ever since. Most of the characters in the film are either gay or bisexual, making this film an excellent gay movie that will keep you entertained the entire time.
  2. "Brokeback Mountain" This wouldn't be a list of cool gay movies if it didn't include "Brokeback Mountain". This film came out in 2005, and follows the secretive relationship between two gay cowboys in the American West. The film features Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  3. "Edge of Seventeen" In 1998, this cute film about a teenage boy struggling with his sexuality at the end of the school year came out. For those who are struggling with coming out of the closet and finding their real friends, this is an excellent and inspiring movie to watch. 
  4. "I Love You Phillip Morris" Jim Carrey stars in this 2009 film about a middle-aged man who comes out of the closet and tries to live a complicated gay lifestyle. After being sent to prison, the main character falls in love with his male cellmate in this wildly entertaining gay movie. 
  5. "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" The film follows the life of a German transgendered rock star. For those who also enjoy musical films, this movie combines both homosexuality and music. 
  6. "The Broken Hearts Club" A great gay movie that anyone will enjoy. Follows the lives of a group of homosexual men who are members of a softball team in Hollywood. The group of men all count on each other for inspiration and support. 
  7. "Prayers for Bobby" One of the saddest gay movies on the list, this film follows a Christian woman and the overwhelming guilt she feels after her gay son's suicide. This 2009 film is actually based on a true story
  8. "Milk" Sean Penn stars in the 2008 Oscar-winning gay film. The story surrounds the life of a gay activist in San Francisco, who is later murdered. Gus Van Sant directs this outstanding gay movie that both the gay and the straight can enjoy. 
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