Whenever you’re in the mood for a culinary journey in cinema, check out these cooking movies. Many good food films have memorable scenes. They may be based on real life or a gastronomical parody, pitting masterful or inept chefs, voracious food-lovers and eccentric critics against one another. Try some endearing culinary flicks with friends and lots of soul satisfying snacks.


A heroic animated rat pack takes cover under the garbage and turns a clueless boy into a fabulous chef in a once-spectacular restaurant that falls into decline. A French rat with refined tastes, Remy becomes head chef at a Paris restaurant with “anyone can cook” as his mantra. This is a favorite cooking movie that will bring laughter and a whole new perspective on misunderstood, pesky rodents. Who is behind the preparation of these fabulous dishes?

"No Reservations"

This is a predictable but fun romantic comedy flick with culinary expertise at its core. Catherine Zeta-Jones is a chef at an upscale restaurant and plays a complete control freak. When tragedy strikes, her life turns topsy-turvy, becoming sole caretaker of her niece after her sister dies in a car accident. Her sensitive nature seeks psychiatric therapy while falling love with the new sous chef, played by actor Aaron Eckhart. The glorious operatic music will send you into a cooking frenzy after watching this satisfying but sad and nicely rendered film.

"Christmas in Connecticut"

Barbara Stanwyck is a New York food editor who never learned to cook. She has to become a culinary expert to save her reputation, all the whil knowing her kitchen skills are lacking. It’s interesting how far we’ve come in our taste for good food and drive for becoming gourmet chefs when watching this lively cooking movie.

"Babette’s Feast"

This 1988 academy award-winning Best Foreign Language Film showcases exquisite culinary dishes that will amaze you. Tantalizing turtle soup and pastry covered roasted quail with sides of French delicacies are scrumptious and beautifully done. Be prepared for sensual, artistic and sacred passions uniting in this cooking movie adapted from the short story written by Isak Dinesen, author of “Out of Africa.”

"Baby Boom"

A light-hearted cooking movie about a food executive, played by Diane Keaton, who inherits a baby, which quickly interferes with her job. Ultimately she is shamefully replaced in her lucrative position by actor James Spader. Totally disgusted, she quickly moves to Vermont and decides to make gourmet baby food made from the natural produce of New England, sky-rocketing her to great success in a humble, grassroots business. She ends up falling in love with the local doctor after assorted and cruel circumstances bring them together. She ultimately needs to make a decision about moving back to New York and selling her lucrative business. You will want to see this romantic cooking movie whenever you need a fun escape that is heart-capturing with a poignant resolution.