Not surprisingly, most of the best movie hitmen happen to be women. Now, don't worry guys, you're adequately represented as well. So, what makes a badass movie hitman? It's not enough to have a bunch of weapons or trendy threads. No, a hitman has to have more. It's a certain style, a persona that makes a movie killer into a true hitman. It's that cool, collected exterior masking the uber violent, yet cold, calculating viciousness that makes a true ice cold hitman. These five movie hitmen epitomize what it means to be that cool, collected predator.

Agent 47 from "Hitman" This guy's such a ruthless killer, he made the transition from video game character to movie killer. He's a genetically engineered super assassin raised by monks. Yes, monks. To say he's skilled with weapons and ways to hurt would be a gross understatement of his abilities. The quintessential killer for hire can create bedlam or make it look like his victim died in his sleep. At some point the agency he worked for decided he was too dangerous to be kept alive. What does any hitman do when he's hunted by his employers? He destroyed them all.

Leon from "The Professional" He could've been a playboy or ladies man in some other life. He's just that smooth. This guy can make anything into weapon, can escape from any situation and can get to any target with minimal difficulty. He manages to take down an entire ring of dirty cops all while babysitting a young Natalie Portman. Unfortunately, his heart of gold eventually gets him killed, but he took a lot of bad guys with him.

Nina from "Point of No Return" The female hitman that other lady killers should take notes from. Super sexy and super deadly. A contract killer for the government, there isn't a target she cant reach. Everything was going well for her until she fell in love. Turns out a simple letter of resignation doesn't work in her line of work. She finds herself killing her employers off. Sweet.

Charly Baltimore from "The Long Kiss Goodnight" Killing must be like riding a bike. At least it was for this vicious female hitman. Charly Baltimore wakes up on a beach with no memory. She's living the normal suburban housewife life until someone tries to kill her. She snaps, immediately remembering her predatory training. She finds herself on a quest to remember who she used to be, killing boatloads of goons on the way.

The Bride from "Kill Bill Vol. 1" No other movie hitman embodies the ferociousness of a contract killer like The Bride. She's skilled, full of hate and out for revenge against her former crew. Butcher shops produce less blood from dying animals than she does with her prey. Ask yourself. What would you do if you woke up out of a coma with your unborn baby ripped from your body? Exactly.