Comic book movies are some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters. Not everybody reads comic books, but almost everybody has seen a movie based on a comic book, and these are some of the best. 

  1. "Batman" - This was one of the first big films of its kind in the modern era. Tim Burton, who knows a thing or two about making comic book movies, directed it. In this story The Dark Knight of Gotham City (better known as Batman) takes on the not-really-funny Joker. Michael Keaton plays Batman/Bruce Wayne, while Jack Nicholson inhabits the role of Joker/Jack Napier.

  2. "The Crow" - This movie recreates the beginning of the comic book where a murder victim comes back to life as a kind of zombie, out to avenge he and his fiancée's murder. It starred Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son. Alex Proyas directed this film which was based on James O'Barr's comic book series and comic strip. David J. Schow turned it into a screenplay.

  3. "Fantastic Four" - This movie is about a quartet of astronauts that obtain their special skills after exposure to some cosmic radiation. Their arch enemy is a man named Doctor Victor Von Doom. This film starred the super hot Jessica Alba as Sue Storm and Michael Chiklis

  4. "Hellboy" - When it comes to evil characters in movies, there are few more evil than Nazis. This story involves Nazis that are holding a demon against his nature. This particular demon grows up to be a defender against the forces of darkness. Ron Perlman, an actor that's no stranger to film costumes, plays Hellboy.Guillermo del Toro both wrote the screenplay, and directed this film.

  5. "Hulk" - Green must be the color of anger. That's because in this comic book movie, Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher morphs into a horrific green monster whenever he gets mad. The great Ang Lee directed this movie, which is based on Stan Lee's Marvel comic book character. Interestingly, Nick Nolte played Banner's father.

  6. "Iron Man" - Robert Downey Jr. plays Tony Stark, a wealthy industrialist that builds himself at armored suit after a near-death accident. Jon Favreau, perhaps best known for his comedy acting, directed this comic book movie to great success. Rock music fans dig this film, particularly because AC/DC is all over its soundtrack -- including their biggest song, "Back In Black".

  7. "Spider-Man" - Tobey Maguire is perfect cast in this film about spider bitten superhero. He may be an awkwar high school student by day. But in this successful comic book movie, this seeming boy is a real man when dressed in his spider suit. Kirsten Dunst is just so darn cute as Mary Jane Watson.

  8. "Superman" - Christopher Reeve starred in this 1978 comic book movie, which pre-dated our modern obsession with such films. It didn't benefit from the sort of special effects we've all come to expect from such films. However, it told a great story, about an alien orphan from a dying planet.

  9. "Tales from the Crypt" - When you see Joan Collins listed as a star, you know this comic book movie is old. It was released way back in 1972. It's based around the story of five people lost in a crypt inhabited by a strange crypt keeper. This all-knowing creep then tells them how they all died. It's based on Johnny Craig's comic book.

  10. "X-Men" - Mutants have trouble making it in this world. However, in the fantasy comic book movie world, they seem to do just fine. In this film, they join a superhero team that fights a mutant terrorist organization. Patrick Stewart is perfectly cast as Professor Charles Xavier.