Comedy Central’s President Saw His Shadow, We Get Three More Years Of ‘South Park’

Wednesday, November 16 by
Here's to three more years of celebrating diversity! 

Good news in the sleepy mountain town of South ParkComedy Central announced today that it will be picking up the Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s sick creation for another three seasons, which locks it down through its 20th season in 2016. Even if we’re all going to be dead by then, it’s nice to know that the groundbreaking show will live on, making fun of hybrid vehicles and natural disasters long after we’re gone.

This should quash rumors (often propagated by Stone and Parker themselves) that they were getting sick of the series and their attention was turning to other projects, like their The Book of Mormon musical and maybe some sort of strange continuation of That’s My Bush! I wonder what changed their mind. Maybe it was the dumptrucks of money that Comedy Central drove up to their houses. Or the siren call of art.

But probably the cash.

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