Celebrity sex scenes in movies can bring in an audience that might not otherwise see a particular film. "Basic Instinct" is nothing without the promise of its beautiful star, Sharon Stone, in the buff. Much of the hype surrounding "Black Swan" was due to the reported lesbian encounter in the film between starlets Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. Here are some of the most famous celebrity sex scenes in movies.

  1. Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct." As an icily beautiful novelist accused of murder with an icepick that occurred during rough sex, Sharon Stone steals the film from its mediocre script, insane twists and turns, and hammy performances. This was a film saved by celebrity sex scenes; in movies like this, the heat onscreen of an iconic beauty like Ms. Stone is the only thing going, and she delivers, over and over again, throughout the film. As a result, "Basic Instinct" ushered in a new trend of "erotic thrillers," none of which matched the popularity of Sharon Stone's celebrity sex scenes in movies.

  2. Bruce Willis in "Color of Night." Females are normally the ones that bare all in celebrity sex scenes in movies, so when Bruce Willis did so, showing off what he had in "Color of Night," it added a lot of hype to what was otherwise a mediocre film. It doesn't hurt that the woman he shares his celebrity sex scene with, Jane March, is quite the looker. "Color of Night" became a late night Cinemax favorite for guys and girls alike with its equal opportunity nudity.

  3. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in "Black Swan." Though the film itself is a dark exploration of the psyche, much of the pre-release press for "Black Swan" focused on the lesbian tryst between Kunis and Portman as some sort of holy grail of celebrity sex scenes in movies. The scene itself is hot, but does not define the film, which has a lot more going for it than celebrity sex scenes, setting it apart from some of the other celebrity sex scenes in movies on this list.

  4. Naomi Watts in "Mulholland Dr." For some stars, they are made celebrities by films with sex scenes. That was the case with actress Naomi Watts, whose own lesbian tryst became one of the hottest celebrity sex scenes in movies history in a well-made film in which she was not only sexy, but tragic in giving a wonderful performance. Even as she's continued in serious roles, she hasn't given up on celebrity sex scenes in movies, appearing in a very intimate one in "21 Grams" with Sean Penn.

  5. Kathleen Turner in "Body Heat." Once upon a time, Kathleen Turner was one of Hollywood's biggest sex symbols, and much of this was due to her role as an updated femme fatale in the noir throwback "Body Heat." She shares vivid celebrity sex scenes in the movie with William Hurt, who she then tricks into a plot to murder her husband. The two burn up the screen in this final example of famous celebrity sex scenes in movies.

-Travis Petersen