For those that are interested in learning more about famous people that have recently passed away, all that is necessary is look at a list of celebrity deaths 2010. From teenage stars of the 1980's to seasoned acting veterans of Hollywood television sitcoms of the 1950's, 2010 was a year to say goodbye to a wide variety of well-known and beloved entertainers.

  1. Corey Haim was a Canadian-born actor who, along with Corey Feldman was one of the eighties' biggest teen sensations. Corey Haim was long known for his troubles with substance abuse, and died at the age of 38 due to a medical condition called pulmonary edema. Some of the actor's best known films include "Silver Bullet," "License to Drive," "Lucas," "The Lost Boys," "Dream a Little Dream" and "Murphy's Romance."

  2. Barbara Billingsley was a celebrated Los Angeles, California native who was most famous for being the loving mother of Beaver on the 1950's sitcom "Leave it to Beaver." The blonde actress passed away in the autumn of 2010 at the age of 94, due to polymyalgia rheumatica, which is an illness that is characterized by stiffness or aching of the shoulders and neck. Some of Barbara Billingsley's most notable roles include films such as "Airplane!," "The Careless Years" and "Back to the Beach."

  3. Dennis Hopper was a quirky Kansas-born thespian who had a long and diverse career in films and television starting in the mid-1950's. The actor passed away at age 74 in the spring of 2010 due to a serious case of prostate cancer. The Academy Award-nominated actor was well-known for movies such as "Easy Rider," "Apocalypse Now," "Speed" and "Blue Velvet."

  4. Greg Giraldo was a lively comic that was particularly known for his work on Comedy Central. The stand-up comedian and father of three had a long history of substance troubles, and passed away in September 2010 due to an overdose. Some of the Native New Yorker's works include "The Greg Giraldo Show," "Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices" and "Just for Laughs."

-Isabel Prontes