Doritos creator Arch West passed away earlier this week and is now having the funeral every fat guy dreams about. His daughter announced that the family plans on "tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn." Now all they need to worry about are stoned grave robbers. But in all seriousness though, we salute Mr. West and his advancements in the field of delicious snack chips. The world is a tastier place because of him, and his legend will surely live on.

When my editor assigned me the task of finding Doritos in popular films, I thought it was a fool's errand. But, of course, there is a Tumblr page dedicated to old Doritos bags in movies. Thank you, Internet. You've really come through for me today.


There are certain rules one must follow in order to throw a successful Murder Party. First, don't forget your knife. Second, don't forget to stock up on Doritos. You can't murder without a knife and you can't party without Doritos.

Romy and Michele' s High School Reunion

It's of high importance to Romy and Michele that they wow their former classmates at their high school reunion. Which means they are put on a Doritos-free diet. They are allowed half a chip at best.

Little Monsters

When fortifying your bedroom against monster attacks, you'll need a hammer, nails, assorted tools, and nacho breath.

Encino Man

Doritos. The official snack of annoying California teens and the cavemen they unearth.

Wayne's World

Wayne's World is perhaps the biggest role for the famous chip brand. Granted, the film was never expected to be the runaway hit that it became, launching the careers of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey in the process. Doritos, however, wasn't able to parlay the success into larger roles after finding itself replaced by M&M's in the sequel.