For those who enjoy silly comedies, the Broken Lizard gang is what the doctor ordered! Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Hefferman, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanske make up Broken Lizard. Some movies featuring the comedic geniuses include "Super Troopers," "Beer Fest," "Club Dread," "Puddle Cruisers," and "The Slammin' Salomon." Below are a few excerpts from each raunchy, hilarious movie.


"Super Troopers"


"Super Troopers" is a 2001 comedy that takes place in the fictional town of Spurbury, Vermont. Much of the movie was filmed in St. Albans, an actual Vermont town near the Canadian Border. The movie is about five highway patrol officers who would rather pull pranks than do actual police work. Considered a cult classic, the movie also features a guest appearance by Linda Carter.


"Beer Fest"

Arguably the most humorous of the Broken Lizard movies is "Beer Fest." The comedic geniuses outdid themselves in this gem as it features drinking games, hot women, drunken fools, and sex with a fat chick. The 2006 outrageous comedy also has appearances by Donald Sutherland and Willie Nelson.


"Club Dread"

Set in Costa Rico but actually filmed in Mexico, "Club Dread" is a 2005 comedy horror film. The film centers around a killer who targets the staff at the Pleasure Island resort. "Club Dread" also features plenty of bikini-clad babes and typical Broken Lizard silliness. In addition to the five Lizard guys, the film also includes Bill Paxton.


"Puddle Cruiser"

The first full-length film created by Broken Lizard, "Puddle Cruiser," was released in 1996 at the Sundance Film Festival where it won the Golden Starfish award. Filmed at Colgate University, the film features young love, jealousy, and some awesome rugby scenes.


"The Slammin' Salmon"  

This 2009 comedy could definitely be Broken Lizard's silliest film to date. Also featuring Michael Clarke Duncan, the movie is about a restaurant owner who believes he owes the Japanese mob $25,000. In an attempt to raise money, the owner holds a contest for his wait staff to see who can raise the most money. The winner gets $10,000, while the person who raises the least amount of money gets beat up. In the end, the owner owed 25,000 yen, which ended up being a mere $170.00.