Looking for a British sitcom guide 2010? From "Fawlty Towers" to "Keeping Up Appearances," the British have created many hilarious sitcoms over the last few decades. While the classic British sitcoms are well known, many people outside of the U.K. are not aware of the best British sitcoms produced in 2010. 

  1. "Outnumbered." If you enjoy the US sitcom "The Middle," you are sure to enjoy "Outnumbered." This family friendly comedy centers around a middle class British family with three kids and two stressed adults. Part of what makes the show so funny is the semi-improvisational nature of the show. The kids aren't given a script so much of what they say comes naturally, and the result is hilarious. The show covers a range of topics from organic food and the bird flu to underage drinking and lying, but in a completely humorous light. 

  2. "The IT Crowd." The show centers around the small IT department at a large corporation called Reynholm Industries. Two of the main characters, Moss and Roy, are the technical minds that keep the IT department going, but they are also socially inept pushovers that rarely get what they want out of life or the company. Fortunately, they have Jen, their attractive and computer challenged boss to help them get along with the rest of the employees at Reynholm Industries. 

  3. "This is Jinsy." The show's pilot aired in 2010, and won't return to the airwaves until 2011, but this brand new surreal sitcom is nothing short of bizarre. Set on the fictional island of Jinsy, the show follows Maven and Sporall, the island's leaders while they attempt to monitor the island's 762 residents with the 1067 tessealators. The tesselators not only include video cameras throughout the island for surveillance, but they also include small televisions scattered all over the island that allow Jinsy's residents to view the events happening all around the island. The show also includes several sketches that show a weather report, talking seagulls, and news reports that show just how odd the island really is.  

  4. "Pete Versus Life." The show's focus is Pete, a struggling sports writer who has difficulty dealing with life's everyday problems. He's an immature twenty-something guy that just does not understand why life can't be as defined and clear as the sporting events he covers. His life also features commentators who discuss his life as though it was an interesting sporting event. Anchorman Colin King and former soccer player Terry McIlroy analyze Pete's ridiculous misadventures and screw-ups while providing humorous statistics, slow motion replay, and hilarious on-screen graphics. 

  5. "The Inbetweeners." The writers of this show have managed to capture the average guy's awkwar high school experience. Centered around four awkward teens growing up in suburbia, "The Inbetweeners" will remind you of your days in high school. These four kids aren't high school jocks or dangerous bad boys - they are just average suburban teens trying not to completely humiliate themselves in front of girls and classmates before heading off to university. They just want to get laid, buy alcohol at the local pub, and fit in with their classmates without dying of embarrassment.