Breaking Through Breaking Bad: 7 Reasons You Should be Watching

Thursday, December 29 by Joseph Gibson

breaking bad violence

The Conversation There’s nothing worse than being left out of something everyone is talking about, and “Breaking Bad” is definitely one of those things. So instead of reading articles like this and faking your way through those watercooler meth chats, why not actually watch the show? It’s pretty awesome, and you’ll be conversant in a new subject. It’s like college, but with more gruesome violence.

breaking bad breakfast

The Breakfast One of the most recognizable visual motifs of “Breaking Bad” is breakfast. Either an awkward breakfast at the White home or a meeting at Denny’s after Walt and Jesse watch their employer slice somebody’s throat, the breakfasts come thick and fast on “Breaking Bad.” So if you’re a breakfast fan, or interested in becoming a breakfast fan, watching “Breaking Bad” is for you.

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