Breaking Through Breaking Bad: 7 Reasons You Should be Watching

Thursday, December 29 by Joseph Gibson

breaking bad wendy

The Music Music on TV shows is often limited to obvious and cheaply licensed song choices, but “Breaking Bad’ is different – the music used on the show is truly eclectic, a mix of indie bands like TV On The Radio and The Black Seeds, Latin hip-hop, and everything in between. And you’ll never listen to the song “Wendy” the same way again.

breaking bad underwear

The Laughs Despite the dark and grisly subject matter of the show, “Breaking Bad” is often the funniest show on the airwaves. The humor ranges from bleak gallows humor to humorous interactions between the characters. And since it all comes from a very real (and tense) place, the laughs are that much more resonant. This is probably the only show that can get huge laughs out of a junkie getting his head crushed by a stolen ATM machine.

breaking bad chemistry

The Education “Breaking Bad” pays attention to detail, just like the best crime films from directors like Coppola, Melville, Friedkin, and Mann. As a result, viewers can often get a working knowledge of chemistry, the drug trade, and the limits of the human body. It probably wouldn’t be enough for you to start dealing drugs yourself, but the most important lesson of all is that you wouldn’t want to anyway.

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