People just can't seem to get enough of sea monster movies. From "Jaws" to the 2007 film, "Rogue", Hollywood just seems to keep cranking them out. If you're not sick of sea monsters yet, here are some great flicks to check out. But, if on the off-chance these sea monster movies don't do it for you, you can always make your own. These days there are oodles of free 3-D animation software programs that will enable you to create any number of aquatic monstrosities on an extremely low budget. Yes, even lower than those on this list.

"Frankenfish". We've all heard about the dangers of genetic engineering. In this 2004 classic starring Tomas Arana and Mark Boone Jr, the excesses of science culminate in gigantic killer fish who take residence in the Louisiana bayou. Scientists may have had more noble persuits in mind, but these sea monsters develop an especially fine taste for human flesh. Spliced with snake genes, they don't need to rely on a diet of sailors and beach bums when they can stalk their pray on land. 

"Creature: The Movie". Not only does Hollywood seem to overdo this sea monster thing, but it also beats the Louisiana Bayou into the ground. This September, 2011 movie features a half-man half-alligator creature named Lockjaw who many believe to be a legend. Six men try to discover the truth and set out to look for him. Take a wild guess as to what they find out. 

"Creature from the Black Lagoon". Most sea monsters are scary and mean, yet some happen to be lovers and gentlemen. This 1954 movie, starring Richard Carlson and Julie Adams, begins with a team of team of scientists on a fossil finding mission in the Amazon jungle. At the edge of the sea, they discover a strange humanlike creature sporting gills and they capture it. The creature escapes to kidnap the fiance of a crew member and declare his undying love for her. 

"Orca: The Killer Whale". Richard Harris plays a whale hunter in this 1977 sea monster movie classic directed by Dino de Laurentiis. The hunter kills a pregnant whale, and her mate gets revenge by attacking the guy's main squeeze, played by Bo Derek. This leads to all out war between two bitter enemies. "Orca" received a one star review from "Rotten Tomatoes", so it's definitely worth seeing. 

"Godzilla Versus the Sea Monster". In this 1966 film, a group of teenagers hitchhike a ride on a stolen yacht, get shipwrecked and meet a terrorist organization with a giant man eating shrimp as a pet. The bad guys have such hobbies as developing nuclear weapons and kidnapping inhabitants of a nearby island just for kicks. Godzilla happens to be sleeping in a nearby cave, so these meddling kids decide to wake him up. Godzilla creates enough gumbo out of this shrimp monster to supply Louisiana through 100 Mardis Gras festivals