Some of the most interesting and entertaining movies in recent years have been biopic movies. Often bringing out some of the finest performances from their cast members, the best biopic movies have understandably won accolades and awards. From harrowing stories of oppression to uplifting movies about achieving a dream, the biopic genre is one of the most varied and thought provoking.

  1.  Walk the Line”. One of the best biopic movies of the millennium.  Joaquin Phoenix channels the ghost of Johnny Cash in this poignant look at the Man in Black’s life. The story begins with a look at Johnny Cash’s childhood, working on his family’s cotton farm where his brother tragically died. It then fast forwards to his days in military service where he begins to write song that will launch his career. The latter part of the film documents his rise to fame and his enduring love for June Carter which effectively, ends his marriage. With a stellar supporting cast including an impassive Robert Patrick as Johnny’s father, this is a riveting film that is enhanced by a great soundtrack.

  2. “The Fighter”.   Following the rise of boxer Micky Ward from humble beginnings to his career defining championship win. Mark Wahlberg gives one of his finest performances as Micky, while Christian Bale is positively electric as the troubled brother. The film eschews normal plot lines traditionally seen in boxing biopics. Instead it focuses on Micky’s family, his battle for his daughter and his brother’s struggles with drug dependency. Set against the backdrop of the working class Massachusetts tow the Wardbrothers live in, this is one of the best biopic movies of recent years.

  3. “Gandhi”.  Without a doubt amongst the best biopic movies of all time, “Gandhi” made Sir Ben Kingsley a household name and swept the boards at the Oscars. It is an epic movie about the incredible life Mahatma Gandhi, one of the 20th Century’s most iconic people. Directed by Richard Attenborough, “Gandhi” is a must-see movie.

  4. “The Doors”. Oliver Stone’s early nineties feature is amongst the best music biopic movies. Val Kilmer is perfectly cast as Jim Morrison, not only looking like the legendary front man, but sounding the same as well. The film follows the band from the fateful first meeting of Jim Morrison and Keyboardist Ray Manzarek, to the untimely death of Jim Morrison at the young age of 27. The movie plots their career highs and lows, including Morrison’s infamous arrest in New Haven. A visual tour de force, “The Doors” features one of the most convincing portrayals of a music icon on film.