There is nothing more iconic than Big Apple Cinema, and these five movies set in New York iare some of the most memorable. Hundreds of movies take place in the big city and many are great in their own rights. Woody Allen made a career of making movies in the city, while others have used world famous locations there to help tell their stories. Of course, other movies just relied on takin the town and tearing it apart.

“Annie Hall."

Woody Allen has been known for painting a beautiful picture of New York City into all his movies. Of Allen’s output, there is no movie better than “Annie Hall.” Easily one of the best movies ever set in New York. This movie stars Allen as a neurotic comedian who falls in love with a woman (Diane Keaton) and then watches as his life continues to stumble along. The movie allows Allen to talk to the camera at points and is one of the best movies to eve break the third wall.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s."

When looking at Big Apple cinema, and list has to include this classic Audrey Hepburn movie. Tiffany’s is a jewelry store in New York and Hepburn plays a woman who likes to dress up and dream of the day she can finally do more than just window shop at Tiffany’s every morning during breakfast. The movie tells the story of a woman who is looking for money and a man who is looking for love. It's a great love story that kind of eclipses the typical chick flick despite being overly cheesy at times. It also introduces the world to the little black dress.

“The Adjustment Bureau."

One of the more recent additions to Big Apple film that features Matt Damon running all through New York City in search of answers. Based on the story by Philip K. Dick, this science fiction movie presents a group of men known as “The Adjustment Bureau” who act as fate makers for a higher power. Soon Damon finds himself on the run for his life and sanity. But when the Adjustment Bureau tries to step between him and the woman he loves, he turns the tables and sets out to see if he can create his own fate. It’s an amazing movie with a great look at New York City.

“American Psycho."

When building a list of the five best movies set in New York list, you must include “American Psycho” in the top five. Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, this movie has been called misogynistic and mean-spirited, but the fact it is directed by a woman makes the first one wrong, and the fact it's brilliant makes the second misguided. Christian Bale proved he could be the perfect Bruce Wayne in this movie about a yuppie Wall Street businessman who works as a serial killer when the lights go down. It's a masterpiece, and one of Bale’s best roles.


What better way to celebrate Big Apple Cinema and the five best movies set in New York than  looking at a movie where the Statue of Liberty’s head flies down the street? “Cloverfield” continued the trend of first-person point of view horror movies and remains one of the best of the bunch. J.J. Abrams produced this monster movie that share the spirit of a Godzilla movie with a modern touch. What is better than a movie where New York City gets demolished?