Let us take a look at the best worst movies ever. There are some movies that are so bad, they are good. Whether it be a guilty pleasure that you secretly love, or just a movie that is a total train wreck that you can't look away. Here are some great bad movies.

  1. "Showgirls" Like Randy from "Scream 2" says when claiming that "Showgirls" is his favorite scary movie, it truly is "absolutely frightening." The acting in atrocious, proving that Elizabeth Berkeley had much better acting chops in "Saved by the Bell." The idea that the protagonist (Berkeley) was such an amazing dancer, yet looks like she was having some sort of spastic fit most of the time. Let us not forget the classic pool sex scene featuring Berkeley and Kyle MacLachlan, a love scene that appeared to include some sort of seizure. There is a reason "Showgirls" is often recalled as a terrible movie and cult classic, it has the entertainment value and pure audacity of trying to be a legitimate drama.

  2. "Spice World" This is a film that is more silly than awful. In 1997 we were all living in a world of spice. The five pop stars with girl power were everywhere, so why not make a film where they are the stars? When you become that famous you can do anything you want, including asking Elton John to be in your movie.  

  3. "Drop Dead Fred" Lizzie (Phoebe Cates) goes through a mental and emotional breakdown after her husband requests a divorce. Some women have their own ways of dealing with such pain, Lizzie deals by allowing her childhood imaginary friend, drop dead Fred, come back into her life. The problem with Fred is that he is a bit of a jerk and causes far too many problems that become poor Lizzie's fault. "Drop Dead Fred" attempts to be a Tim Burton type film but fails to bring the same amount of whimsy. Phoebe Cates is lovely but Rik Myall (Fred) is just irritating.

  4. "Ladybugs" Many may have forgotten about this 1992 comedy, while others may choose to simply block it from their minds. In an attempt to climb the corporate latter, Chester (Rodney Dangerfield) agrees to coach a girl's soccer team. He soon realizes that the girls are terrible athletes and he must come up with a ringer in order to win a game. He enlists his future stepson, Matthew, to put on a blonde wig and become a part of the team. 90's minor heartthrob plays Matthew/Martha, a kid who initially joins out of bribery but sticks around when he discovers that his dream girl is also on the team. A ridiculous plot, that is fairly sexist but also pretty funny.

  5. "Con Air" It should come as no surprise to see a Nicolas Cage movie on this list. Cameron Poe (Cage) is finally getting out of prison, after killing a man in an act of self defense. He is clamoring to get home to see his beautiful wife and little girl. During transport of crazy convicts aboard a plane, those convicts high jack the plane. A guilty pleasure for sure. Cage puts on a horrid accent and sports another awful coif. A stellar cast (Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich, Danny Trejo, Ving Rhames and Dave Chappelle) assist Cage in some scenery chewing acting.