So it' date night, and you want to know what the best romantic movies to watch with a date are? It's important to make your selection wisely and to choose a movie that will get the romance flowing just the right way. If you're having trouble picking out the perfect movie, fear not, because below we've got a list of the best romantic movies to watch on date night

  1. "Love Actually" Starring Keira Knightley and Hugh Grant, "Love Actually" is set in London just before Christmas, and centers around several different stories about love and romance. If you are looking for a film that is like watching several love stories all at once, this one is perfect for your date night. It also shows us that love is what life really is about for all people.

  2. "While you Were Sleeping" This touching and funny romance film is the perfect movie to watch on a date. Starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, "While you Were Sleeping" is about a woman who saves a man from being hit by an oncoming train and ends up falling in love with his brother. It's one of those feel good flicks that is perfect for a romantic evening and a snuggle with your sweetie. 

  3. "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts delivers an excellent performance as a prostitute who ends up falling for a businessman who pays for her services. In the end, the two end up together, despite the fact that they are so different and come from completely different walks of life. This film will have everyone appreciating love, and how the power of love can bring opposites together. 

  4. "The 40-year-old Virgin" This funny romantic flick is perfect for a date night and a few laughs in between. Steve Carell plays a man who is still a virgin at the age of 40, but is afraid to tell his new girlfriend the truth. In the end, he ultimately tells her that he has never been with a woman, and she loves him just as much as she ever did. If you're looking for a romance that is less on the serious side, this may be the perfect choice for you. 

  5. "Wicker Park" The perfect romance date movie, "Wicker Park" is about a young man who is in search of a lost love who vanished from his life. The film is set a few years after the incident, and the man has now found a new girlfriend and has tried to move on. One day he sees who he believes is his lost girlfriend, and tries to hunt her down, only to be toyed with by her roommate. The film has a complicated plot, but is the perfect romance flick for those who like an elaborate story line. 

  6. "Pretty in Pink" This 1980's teen romantic drama/comedy is the ideal date movie and will have you and your partner in a romantic mood in no time. The story is about a girl from the poor side of town who falls in love with a rich boy, but is afraid to tell him about her background. Problems arise when she becomes secretive of her life and his friends begin to shun him. A great love story for the young and old alike.