The best Oscar nominated shorts can be animated, live action, or documentaries. Shorts are often a film makers way of getting a very simple story across that makes a giant impact on the viewer. They can last anywhere from five minutes to forty, but nothing greater than that.

  1. "Six Shooter." This Irish short is all about grief brining strangers together. After a man looses his wife, he takes a train to Dublin. Little does he know, the strangers he is riding with, share the same type of grief. This Oscar nominated film, was made in 2004 and won the Academy Award for Best Short Film.

  2. "Le Mozart Des Pickpockets." This Spanish short was nominated for an Oscar in 2006. It tells the story of two men, Richard and Philipe, who are impoverished pickpockets. They partake in a huge scam involving a Spanish gang, but are left with nothing to show for it. They soon meet a deaf-mute kid, who finds the perfect solution once they've hit rock bottom. They decide to celebrate and all is well with the world. This short shows that taking chances are good, even when you are a measly pickpocket.

  3. "The New Tenants." Moving into a new apartment is never easy. Its particularly difficult when the welcome committee is made up of a nosy neighbor, drug dealer, and a husband with a gun that is seeking revenge. This short was made in 2009 and won the Academy Award for Best Short Film after its nomination. Its comical, dramatic, and surprisingly romantic.

  4. "La Maison En Petits Cubes." This Oscar nominated short tells the story of an old man adding onto his flooded house, once his town has gone underwater. Until one day, he drops his favorite pipe into the watery realms of home, he is forced to go searching for it. As he dives, he relives old and forgotten memories and suddenly becomes full of hope and love, as opposed to his grumpy and forgetful self. This movie reminds the viewer to enjoy life and all of its precious memories.

  5. "Even Pigeons Go To Heaven." This animated Oscar nominated film showcases what happens when conniving religious men, get into the minds of the naive elderly. A priest "saves the life" of an old man who is about to fall, and convinces him that as his payment, he is to give all of his money to the priest in order to go to heaven. However, the grim reaper knocks at the door and is supposed to take the man with all the money, which at this point, is the priest. This short film is drenched in commentary and sets the stage for great animated shorts in the future.