Got a HDTV and want to know the best movies to watch in HD? The best movies to watch in HD are action films. However, if you are not a fan of action films and prefer to watch family, romance or comedy movies, you do not need to worry about which movies are the best to watch in HD. If you like a movie, chances are you are going to like it even more on HD because HD movies sound better and look better.

  1. "Pirates of the Caribbean" One of the best movies to watch in HD is "Pirates of the Caribbean." There are three movies in the series so far with the fourth one coming out in May. This movie is an action-adventure series that would look great on any HDTV. The battles in the ocean will look incredible on your new TV. Each "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie is about Captain Jack Sparrow getting himself out of trouble or getting back something that he loves.

  2. "Iron Man" With action scenes and hot girls, the "Iron Man" series is definitely one of the best movies to watch in HD. The first "Iron Man" movie is about Tony Spark creating "Iron Man" and the second film is about him adjusting to life as a superhero.

  3. "The Dark Knight" One of the best movies of all time is also one of the best movies to watch in HD. With its incredible storyline and some of the best action scenes of all time, "The Dark Knight" will not disappoint. "The Dark Knight" is about Batman trying to stop the Joker from taking over the city.

  4. "Watchmen" While not one of the best superhero movies visually speaking, "Watchmen" is one of the best looking movies of all time.  This movie alone is a good reason to buy an HDTV to watch HD movies. The movies is about a group of superheroes trying to find a murderer.

  5. "The Expendables" Two hours of nonstop action on a HDTV is heaven. Throughout the entire movie, here is only about ten minutes that is not action-packed. "The Expendables" is about a group of killers trying to save a girl from an island.