If you love great music and enjoy excellent movies, you may want to learn about the best movie soundtracks. These movie soundtracks not only have memorable songs on them but may inspire you to listen to one of your most beloved movie favorites again and again. Obviously, this list is a subjective one, but it does include movie soundtracks that many adore and love. Here is your list of best movie soundtracks.

  1. "Saturday Night Fever" Filled with songs from the Bee Gees and others, as well as disco from the '70s, this soundtrack went platinum fifteen times and sold more than fifteen million copies. It was a popular movie starring John Travolta and the soundtrack is better than the movie in some opinions.

  2. "Purple Rain" Written and performed by Prince, this soundtrack is from the movie "Purple Rain" and is a favorite among many. It sold 13 million copies and continues to remain on top billboard charts.

  3. "Forrest Gump" With a plethora of artists, this movie soundtrack is unique in its execution with many songs from a variety of generations. It spans from the 1950s up until the 1990s and each individual song is successful even without the soundtrack. This soundtrack from "Forrest Gump" simply puts them all together for our enjoyment.

  4. "Grease" This soundtrack sold 28 million copies all over the world and has a variety of different artists including the movie's stars, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta. It combines original songs along with a few favorites.

  5. "Footloose" This best movie soundtrack produced three top ten hits and featured a variety of artists such as Foreigner and Sammy Hagar. The most memorable song was by Kenny Loggins and is the title of the movie, "Footloose."

There are many other movie soundtracks and the list could go on for years. "The Sound of Music," "Lost Boys" and "Pulp Fiction" as well as "Top Gun" and "Rent" are just a few that very well could have made this list. It never hurts to learn about the best movie soundtracks, especially if you love the movie as well. We all may have a favorite and hopefully some of yours show up on this list.