There are quite a few scenes where two actresses hook up and make a little steam for the camera, but it takes something altogether different to produce something that is worthy of the title of one of the best lesbian scenes in a movie. Every guy (and more than a few gals) likes to see hot actresses get it on with each other. There’s still something risqué and a little naughty about actually doing something that others only fanaticize about. Here is a quick sampling of some of the best lesbian scenes in recent years.

  1. “The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love" (Laurel Holloman and Nicole Parker). The movie tells the story of two young women from opposite ends of the social and economic tracks of the small town both reside in. Randy (Holloman) is a kind of butchy lesbian who is given to having random affairs with local women who are in the closet, while Evie (Parker) is the prim and proper type that is preparing for her future.  Once they finally hook up about half way through the movie, it made one of the best lesbian scenes in film that year.

  2. “Bound” (Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly). Among fans of the film, this is considered one of the best lesbian scenes not only in the film, but in recent movie memory. The reason the seduction scene between Gershon and her lover, Jennifer Tilly, is so liked is that it was so realistic. There were no clichés or cheesy lines. Just two women who generally cared and were turned on by the other. The reason the lesbian scene was so realistic is that the directors hired erotic columnist and sex expert Susie Bright to help with choreographing the action between n the two stars. 

  3. “The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks” (Hikaru Wakana and Keara Uehara). Regarded as a well-known TV personality, Wakana took her fame to new heights with this movie, based on a book by the same name. The reason this scene is so hot is while it starts out as a sexy scene with her character’s boyfriend, it winds up as a foursome with another guy and girl/ If that is not enough, it then turns into the best lesbian sex scene of the film as Wakana takes more of an interest in her female companion (Uehara) than her male one.

  4. “Gia” (Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell). There can simply not be a decent list of best lesbian scenes without including something by Ms. Jolie; most notably the film that brought her to the attention of men and women everywhere. Playing the doomed fashion model Gia Carangi, Jolie’s lesbian scenes with “Lost” star Elizabeth Mitchell were some of the hottest scenes HBO had ever aired.

  5. “Wild Side” (Anne Heche and Joan Chen). This one is a little confusing. In real life, Heche had yet to date Ellen DeGeneres and the break up with her to marry a man, so Heche’s best lesbian scene in the film with the beautiful Joan Chen may be her doing some exploring.